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Our Learning Philosophy

Land-Based and Experiential Learning Grounded in the Ojibwe Language and Culture

Immersion Education

The essence of our immersion school is to provide the core academic subjects, and culture through the use of our Ojibwe language. So our children will not only have the academic framework to enhance their lives, but will receive instruction through the lens and language of our people to revitalize our Ojibwemowin. We intend to build Ojibwe language capacity for our children and future generations based on research of how languages are learned and how we create speakers of our language as Anishinaabe people. 


At Endazhi-Nitaawiging, our commitment to environmental education is essential, not only to how we see ourselves as a school, but also how we will do our part to sustain and revitalize Anishinaabe and Ojibwe culture in the Red Lake Nation.  At Endazhi-Nitaawiging, environmental education will not be confined as a subject in a classroom.  It will live as an integral part of daily student experience.  We intend to restore the bond between children and Mother Earth, focusing on land-based learning.

Land-Based Learning

Land-based learning is an Indigenized and environmentally-focused instruction method that uses the natural world as both teacher and classroom. Land-based learning restores the kinship ties between plants, humans, and animals, all of which are related in our culture.  We will join the portfolio of schools authorized by Osprey Wilds as a leading example of how environmental education is integral to student learning. 

Experiential Learning

Land-based experiential learning pedagogies where students are outdoor more learning about traditional ecological knowledge: tapping maple trees for syrup-making, traditional medicines, water lifeways, farming and harvesting traditional crops, etc.

Academic Excellence


● Environmental Sustainability

● College and Career Readiness


● Health and Wellness 

● Leadership Development 


● Land-Based & Experiential Learning 


● Community Engagement

Our Academic Excellence Framework

Endazhi-Nitaawiging Charter School will utilize this unique teaching and learning framework that symbolizes the Ojibwe Turtle Island creation story.  The education model is grounded in the Ojibwe language and culture through cultural knowledge and storytelling.  It allows students to fully embrace their true inherent core identity while receiving the highest quality academic education.


At the heart of Ojibwe culture is the connection between individuals and Mother Earth.

The Red Lake Charter Schools aims to strengthen the Red Lake Nation by providing our children with an education grounded in Ojibwe values that is academically rigorous and celebrates Indigenous culture.


Teaching and learning are reciprocal among students, staff, families, and the community.

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Our Mission

We strive to better our students through educational experiences both in and out of the classroom. The mission of Endazhi-Nitaawiging Charter School
501(c)(3) organization is to create a place where students feel safe to tackle obstacles and accomplish all of their goals. We offer a variety of opportunities to help students be the best version of themselves, while having some fun along the way.


Our Vision Statement

To create confident leaders grounded in their true inherent identities and to ensure that they are academically, socially, and spiritually prepared to positively change the community and world.

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Our Core Values


Manaaji’idiwin (Respect)

I will respect myself, my land, and all living beings.


Nibwaakaawin (Wisdom)

I will cultivate our shared knowledge and gain lifelong friendship, family, and wisdom.


Zoongide’ewin (Courage)

I support my fellow students and staff while being true to myself. I will step forward when called upon.


Enigok Izhichigewin (Commitment)

I will perform to the best of my ability and be accountable for all my actions.


Mashkawi’ayaawin (Resilience)

I am a leader and will overcome any obstacle ahead of me; I will give all my effort to reach beyond my goals.


Bagosendamowin (Hope)

I will contribute all of my good energy to help be a part of positive change within my community and global community.​


Niigaaniziwin (Leadership)

I will become a leader for our community and will lead by example.

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